Semalt Expert Unveils Tips On How To Exclude Bot Traffic From Your Google Analytics

Bot traffic, internal traffic, and cyber security have been ranked as the top trending issues in the world of digital marketing. The importance of keeping your Google Analytics statistics accurate cannot be emphasized well enough. Presentation of Google Analytics reports tells more about your decisions and online marketing skills. Google Analytics has been playing a vital role towards helping marketers understand and analyze traffic driven towards their sites.

Bot traffic is one of the most essential and potential sources that contribute to fake data.

Andrew Dyhan, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, recommends excluding bot and internal traffic from your site that will enhance its performance.

What You Need To Know About Bot Traffic

Crawlers, bots, and spiders are automated applications that complete tasks on the internet platforms without being controlled. Statistics have it that bot traffic controls more than half of the traffic generated on the platforms. According to IT professionals, bot traffic is growing at a very high rate, where it is ousting human generated traffic.

The rise of bot traffic, malware, and Trojan virus implies why it is a necessity to exclude and control bot traffic in your Google Analytics data and reports. Be keen when reading and interpreting reports. Misinterpretation can shift your achievements to the wrong direction.

How To Detect Bot Traffic From Your Data

The quality of your reports and data is way much better without bot traffic. However, bot traffic can not be detected in your Google Analytics data as it does not load on Javascript. Luckily, you don't have to worry about all kinds of bots. There exist good bots that work for your well-being such as crawlers. Good bots are excluded from your Google Analytics report by default.

The other type of bots, bad bots, poses a great danger to your campaign. Bad bots visit your website with an aim of introducing the trojan virus, malware, scraping your content, and spamming. Bad bots are characterized by imitation, where they imitate human behavior making it hard to differentiate the bots from legit visitors.

Removal Of Bot Traffic From Google Analytics

  • Visit the Admin View settings and click 'Exclude all hits from known spiders and bots' option.
  • Check suspicious traffic and use a valid hostname to exclude the detected traffic.
  • Open the Property option, click the 'Tracking Info' button, and check on the 'Referral Exclusion List'.

This method works to exclude suspicious and detected bots from your report. This method works for both small and large websites. Excluding all bot hits from known spiders and bots effectively work for a good number. Cleaning up your Google Analytics report enables business owners to make critical decisions regarding the well-being of their businesses. Consider implementing techniques that will block hacking attempts, malware, and trojan virus from affecting your website. DataDome, a top-ranked IT company has come to the rescue of business owners. The company offers solutions for bot traffic by controlling the kind of bots that visit your site. The above-highlighted tips will help you achieve a cleaner and accurate Google Analytics data.